Why Do More People Choose Manual Bollards?

When it comes to bollards, automatic bollards tend to steal the show with their unparalleled convenience. But in reality, people are more likely to choose manual parking bollards.
Here are a few reasons why people choose manual bollards over the more preferred automatic bollards.


1. Economic benefits

Fully automatic bollards tend to be more expensive than manual bollards.
In addition, manual bollards don’t require any fancy hat trick to do what they do and still prevent unauthorized use of the parking space. Manual bollards have no internal motors, no batteries, no power, and no sensors. Significant energy and cost savings compared to fully automatic bollards.


2. No power supply is required


Automatic bollards need to be connected to a power source, and it is not very convenient to get power in many areas. Manual bollards, on the other hand, do not need to find power or wait for a signal from a remote control. They lower with good old-fashioned key turns. You never need to charge batteries, remotes, or smartphones.


3. Easy to maintain


Manual bollards require no long-term maintenance and are easy to clean.


4. Long life span

Manual bollards just work, so bollards can perform their duties steadfastly for many years.

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