Advantages of the MVB

The special design of the MVB (L-shaped) acts as a stopper for trucks by converting the horizontal momentum of the vehicle into vertical momentum. This article will discuss some of the advantages of MVBs.





Advantages of MVB


1. 1 person to install and 1 person to remove at the end of the job

2. Quick access in case of emergency. No tools are required to assemble and each part takes only a minute to connect.

3. Easy to store and fold up for portability.

4. Complete modular system, the system can be as short or as long as needed for the event.

5. Barrier directs momentum downward to the ground to significantly reduce or terminate its forward momentum.

6. Helps to block trucks and vehicles and assists in vehicle control without destroying the vehicle.

7. Achieve a stronger balance between portability and blocking capability in vehicle barriers.

8. Stops ramming vehicles from breaking into restricted or active areas.

9. Effective for vehicles fitted with air-release warranty protection.

10. Innovative pivot system allows the barrier to be used as a swing gate for a vehicle inspection or to allow emergency service vehicles to enter or exit the activity area.

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