What Makes the Lifting Column So Popular?

With the development of the times, fully automatic lifting columns are slowly appearing in people’s sight. Now, its meaning has been expanded and is often used to describe various tools for managing pedestrian traffic, critical infrastructure for protecting personal and property safety, and facilities for delineating areas and distinguishing roads. So, what makes the lifting column so popular? Please follow ZASP will give you a detailed introduction.


The word Bollard was originally used to describe a short vertical column, which was often used when large ships were moored in ports. Today its meaning has been expanded to describe a variety of facilities that manage pedestrian traffic, protect critical infrastructure, set perimeters, and distinguish roadways. Lifting bollards are widely used in urban traffic, in and around the gates of military and important state agencies, pedestrian streets, highway toll booths, airports, schools, banks, large clubs, parking lots and many other occasions. By restricting the passing vehicles, it effectively ensures the traffic order and the safety of the main facilities and places.


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Reasons for the popularity of automatic lifting column.


1.Functional differences.

Now the market used in a variety of styles of stone pier, there are flat-top type, spherical, column type, etc., although a variety of styles, but because there is no power drive, can only be fixed on the road. The automatic lifting column can automatically lift, when the need to release the vehicle can be lowered, vehicle traffic control is very flexible. In addition, the lift column is not modified by the material production, even if a large vehicle driving over, will not cause deformation of the lift column.


2.Anti-impact ability.

Ordinary stone pier is made of granite or marble, its hardness and quality are not as good as stainless steel, it is easy to be broken by vehicles. The stainless steel lifting column, column wall thickness can reach more than 8mm, even if the vehicle intentionally hit will not become crushed like the stone pier, the serious impact will only cause a slight deformation of the lifting column, does not affect the continued use.


3.Applicable places are numerous.

The use of automatic lifting column is very wide, whether on the highway, the airport or institutional entrances and exits (such as schools, banks, etc.), you can use the automatic lifting column to control the vehicle.


Through the above introduction, it can be seen that the automatic lifting column is more practical and convenient than the stone pier, what makes the lifting column so popular? You should also find the answer. If you are interested in fully automatic lifting column and want to know more about fully automatic lifting column, please contact ZASP, the manufacturer of fully automatic lifting column.