How Does Automatic Rising Bollards Maintain Road Safety?

Roads help people get from one place to another safely by car, bus or any mode of transportation. The main thing to remember while driving on the road is safety, which includes maintaining the average speed of the vehicle and keeping track of road safety devices such as electric rising bollards and tire killers.

Automatic bollards are new innovative traffic speed controllers placed on different sides of the road to control and slow down speeding vehicles. To learn all about this road safety device, the information shown below by ZASP may be helpful to you.

Advances in bollards

Bollards were first introduced centuries ago when wooden bollards were used to manage vehicular traffic at harbors and road crossings. Wooden bollards were the only type of bollards available at the time, as no steel working machines such as lathes were introduced. After several improvements in technology, the industry began to build stronger quality steel bollards. These steel bollards were very helpful in controlling ships and people/vehicles on the road. Now, with more advancements, automatic rising bollards are used in different parts of the world.

Automatic electromechanical bollard mechanism

There is a well-defined mechanism for electromechanical bollards. Automatic bollards work based on an electro-hydraulic system. This hydraulic automated bollard system allows the bollard to move up and down more smoothly and it takes less time for the bollard to be raised from the ground when needed. Another mechanism for raising bollards is a control panel built into many bollards that alerts the operator to take action in case of emergency. And the automatic bollard movement is computerized, so the operator can use the automatic safety bollard and control any type of accident.


HA107-600 Hydraulic Automatic Bollard

HA107-600 Hydraulic Automatic Bollard


Where it’s needed

There is a growing demand for new and innovative rising bollards in several places, such as


Automatic bollards at highway toll booths: Automatic rising bollard systems are needed at highway toll booths because they can be an effective and quick way to stop vehicles to collect toll taxes. Rising bollards can also alert drivers to slow down their cars because their thick body structure is visible from a specific distance.

Traffic Signals

Hydraulic Retractable Bollards at Traffic Signals: Hydraulic retractable bollards are a new and innovative method of road safety that can be used at traffic signals. The main reason for using these hydraulic bollards at traffic signals is that sometimes people inadvertently damage the traffic signals. In such cases, hydraulic bollards can help alert them.

Parking lots

Auto-rising bollards are a useful technology to use in parking lots to create a dedicated space for each vehicle. Another benefit of using auto-rising and electric safety bollards in parking lots is that it will guide drivers to park their cars safely on the road.
Road safety apparatus such as traffic signals, electric and automatic parking bollards and auto-rising bollards are necessary. Automatic bollards are one of the important technologies that can be used to keep people and vehicles on, safe and around the road.

Selecting high quality bollards

The operation of the system in practice will only become apparent with long-term use. That’s why we use strong, high-quality materials in our production. Cheaper products quickly show weaknesses and can lead to vehicle or personnel accidents, invalid initial cost calculations, and operation, maintenance and repair costs that quickly outweigh the initial investment.



At ZASP, we choose the strongest steel materials that can withstand hundreds of tons of impact from large vehicles. This is life-safety equipment, and purchasers should talk deeply with the manufacturer to choose the most trusted and highest quality bollards. We welcome your inquiries.