ZASP Products Case Studies 2021


During the first half of 2021, ZASP products hydraulic automatic bollards, HA401-650 deep mounted road blockers and SM501 shallow mounted road blockers shipping to more than 5 foreign countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Australia, Greece and Indonesia etc. We have professional production lines, full ranges of testing equipments, skilled manufacturing processes to meet the requirements of our overseas clients, also based on these strengths, ZASP has confidence to make clients satisfied with our products like always.



ZASP Products Case

ZASP Products Case


                                        Product Name: Road Blocker / Wedge Barrier

Model: HA401-650

Location: Indonesia


ZASP Products Case

                                        Product Name: Hydraulic Automatic Bollards

                     Model: HA101-600 / HA102-600

Location: Greece