How Architects Plan and Implement Bollards

With the increasing number of security threats that exist today, it is critical to find ways to ensure the safety of public buildings. If you are an architect, then you understand the importance of integrating security features into your structural design. You also face the challenge of balancing security with aesthetics! Let’s look at some ways to plan bollards.

Enhanced Safety

Manual and manually assisted retractable bollards: These bollards, sometimes referred to as retractable bollards, can easily be locked into place or retracted into the underground casing when not needed. These bollards allow you to control the direction of the bike path by selectively raising or retracting certain bollards, or retracting them out of sight of thieves and vandals when not needed.

Structural Landscaping

From airports and highways to city streets and stadiums, bollards play an important role in security design and construction. Bollards are now required on all U.S. government and military installations. New York City planners have incorporated bollards into anti-terrorism buildings in the city’s financial district.
Illuminated bollards come with their own lighting system to keep bike lanes illuminated after dark. These beautiful illuminated bollards provide the added benefit of creating an attractive nighttime ambiance around your facility.

F103 Fixed Bollard

Custom Bollards

While some people are concerned that bollards may detract from the appearance of a property, custom bollards or bollard covers can be manufactured, thus contributing positively to the safety design and aesthetics of the building. Manufacturers can use cast iron to mold bollards into almost any shape imaginable. As an architect, this allows you to use your creativity to develop bollard designs and colors that support the rest of the structure and even enhance the aesthetic appeal of your project.
Another more cost-effective option is to install decorative removable bollard covers to add a decorative touch and protect the bollards from element and vehicle damage.

Long-term Value

Bollards can increase the value of your building project for your client by providing a safer structure to meet their appearance requirements. From a business perspective, bollards can help you meet the unique needs of 21st century building owners, giving you a competitive edge in the bidding process.


At ZASP, our bollards are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. They are attractive, reliable, high-quality products made in China that meet current crash rating standards. Contact ZASP to learn more about how the use of bollards in urban planning can help you meet the safety and display specifications of your project. We can help you find the right bollard option for you and your project.