Why You Need Vehicle Access Control on Your Premises?

Bollards are short, vertical posts that are typically installed in urban areas to prevent vehicles from entering certain areas or to protect buildings and pedestrians from vehicle attacks. They can be used to block vehicles from entering sensitive areas such as government buildings, public squares, and pedestrian malls, or to protect buildings from ram-raiding and vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs). They can also be used to create barriers around outdoor dining areas, bike lanes, and other public spaces to protect pedestrians and cyclists from traffic.



Benefits of Controlling Vehicle Access using Road Blockers




Road blockers can act as a physical barrier to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering a secure area, such as a government building or military base.


Traffic control

Road blockers can be used to control the flow of traffic in certain areas, such as parking lots or gated communities.


Emergency response

Road blockers can be used to quickly block off a street or area in the event of an emergency, such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack.


Pedestrian safety

Road blockers can be used to separate pedestrians from vehicles, which can help to improve safety in areas with high foot traffic.


Increased surveillance

Road blockers can also be used to monitor the movement of vehicles and people in a specific area, which can be useful for security and law enforcement purposes.


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